Leah Laurenti from Long Island's own Medford wraps up "American Idol's" Boston audition round premiere, says her parents were very religious, music was her outlet to another world. Breaks down when she admits she always felt maybe she wasn't doing the right thing pursuing a music career..... Wow.

Belts out "Blue Skies," and my gosh, she is really, really good! A great tone, perfect control, her voice just swells and fills the room. Yeah, no wonder they saved her for last.....

Randy says one of the best today, liked her "jazzy thing." Kara calls her a "really good singer," wants her to know that and have confidence. Victoria Beckham likes her too, Simon of course does too (he's never mean to the sincere, talented ones), and she's through to Hollywood.

Tonight was hands down one of the best audition rounds of "American Idol," ever. There was an astonishing diversity of talent; here are my favorites from the night, in order:

* Katie Stevens, the 16-year-old whose grandmother has Alzheimer's, sang an unbelievably mature and enjoyable "At Last." Tons of "natural talent" as Randy said.

* Bosa Mora, the son of Nigerian immigrants, won me even before he sang "You Look So Good in Love." Has a "shining light," as an unpolished diamond is exactly why we watch this show.

* Maddy Curtis, also 16, the ninth of 12 kids (four with Down's Syndrome) did a soulful, controlled "Hallelujah." Simon said unlike other young ones, "amazingly, you're not annoying," but Kara summed it up best when she called her "authentic."

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* Leah Laurenti of Long Island wasn't just great on "Blue Skies," but also showed the passion and can't-live-without-music spirit you need to get through the looooong "Idol" grind. Hope her talent gives her the confidence she needs -- go Leah!

* Tyler Grady, the Jim Morrisonesque guy who broke his arm falling out of a tree, had a great tone on "Let's Get It On." For whatever reason, I just found him really interesting.

* Amadeo DiRicco, the animated Mr. Italian, who even before "Hootchie Kootchie Man" had Simon saying, "we like you." All the best have likeability; Amadeo also has tons of energy.

* Mike Davis, the 'Godzilla' boat driver who's the prototypical Bostonian, gave us "Yesterday" with an unexpected velvet tone. He also asked Kara out (for steak) but she gushed right over it.

* Joshua Blaylock, taking his last shot at 28, is "gonna be somebody!" if he can rise above his "nice little voice" as Victoria said and make us remember him.

* Justin Williams, who had cancer, made everyone smile with "Feelin' Good." He had a super-commercial look, hopefully has the chops to back it up.

* Ashley Rodriguez, who's in music school, may indeed have "it" as Simon says. Felt she was a bit breathy on "If I Met You,: but looking forward to hearing more.

What'd you think of "American Idol's" premiere -- good, great or bad? Who's your favorite so far? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post and tell us!

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