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Marc Maron has a TV show...

Look who has a TV show! Marc Maron, and if the name is not familiar to you then a.) You never download podcasts from iTunes and b.) Never watched the old "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Maron is (was) one of the true fixtures of both "spaces." He's a stand-up comedy star, but perhaps of greater note, his "WTF" is an interesting and enduring fixture of modern pop culture: The garage band, so to speak, of radio shows, where famous comics come to jam - also, so to speak - with Marc. His radio podcast show is something of a confessional, and is hugely popular on iTunes and...well, enough about that. What about his TV series?

 "Maron" begins tomorrow night on IFC - 10 p.m. - and my insta-bottom line on the series is: Good. It's amusing and bleak and sad and sweet. There's a little bit of "Louie" and a little bit of "Curb:" A series built around the life and times of Maron, as he works through his phobias, insecurities, and other assorted roadblocks in the game of life. 

 Now, a few clips. First, the promo; then an informative ABC News profile; and finally, a G-rated interview from 2010, also helpful for those who want to know more about Maron...

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