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March Madness meets its game show match on Buzzr

A perfect "Match": Charles Nelson Reilly, left, was

A perfect "Match": Charles Nelson Reilly, left, was one of the regulars on "Match Game" hosted by Gene Rayburn, who is one of the game show hosts vying to win Buzzr Brackets, which begins March 22 on Buzzr. Credit: Buzzr

The basketball court isn’t the only place to get caught up in March Madness hoopla. Buzzr, the digital TV channel for vintage game shows, is doing its own version of the annual rite of spring.

Buzzr Brackets, which begins March 22 at 8 p.m. and continues weeknights through April 1, will pit 16 game show hosts against one another with the goal of crowning an ultimate champion. Behind door No. 1 on the first night will be Monty Hall (“Let’s Make a Deal”), who’ll take on Joe Garagiola (“He Said, She Said”). Among the others going head to head in round one are Allen Ludden (“Password Plus”) vs. Pat Sajak (not for “Wheel of Fortune” but for a guest hosting gig on “Super Password”) and Gene Rayburn (“Match Game”) vs. Peter Tomarken (“Press Your Luck”). Bert Convy (“Tattletales”) will have the unenviable task of competing against Bill Cullen (“Blockbusters”), the master of ceremonies extraordinaire who hosted a record 24 game shows, including the original version of “The Price Is Right.”

A 14-hour recap of the matches will take place at 6 a.m. on April 3 followed by the two finalists going head-to-head at 8 p.m. Too bad the runners-up won’t receive lovely parting gifts of Lee Press-on Nails and Turtle Wax.

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