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Mariah Carey gets her pretty on; tube top goes to Hollywood

San Antonio contestant Savannah Votion auditions on "American

San Antonio contestant Savannah Votion auditions on "American Idol." Credit: Fox

Yeah, yeah we’ve been grousing about Mariah Carey’s dowdy fashion in the past few episodes of American Idol, but on Wednesday night she returned to diva-licious status (a good thing) with one of her get-ups.  An ethereal one-shouldered luscious pink frock looked stunning on her, and uber-glam with long, diamond chandelier earrings.  

That said, she had her share of misses too.  Particularly surprising, an ill-fitting turquoise clinger of a gown with a floral embellished neckline that was way-way-way too revealing.  Who let her wear this???

For Nicki Minaj, who is rarely dull, it was the wig game last night – we counted three different ‘dos:  long, straight platinum, long straight black, squiggly pink that looked like yarn.  In the clothing department, well of course there was the military-style chapeau that sported a purple plume, though her oddest accessory seemed to be a blanket…like the kind you have on your bed.   Uncharacteristic, and kind of swell, a structured top with racing stripes and some animal print that resembled a fencing jacket.

Is Keith Urban too unbuttoned?  You tell us.   And it was leather weather for Randy Jackson who donned a couple of leather jackets.

We’d like to know where Idol wannabe Savannah Votion got the notion that she should wear a sequin belly baring tube top with low-rise jeans. The look was a big don't, but the girl, who is going to Hollywood, had a great voice.  

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