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Mariah Carey series show us new, funny side of LI singer

Mariah Carey takes questions at the "Mariah's World"

Mariah Carey takes questions at the "Mariah's World" panel discussion during the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016. Credit: Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — It’s Mariah’s world and we’re just living in it. Or were, for about forty minutes, late Wednesday, in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, where Mariah Carey held just about 200 writers at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in the palms of very well-manicured hands, discussing her life, kids, future marriage, (past one,) and — oh right — her new TV series for E!, “Mariah’s World,” arriving Dec. 4.

Bottom line: She’s funny.

Asked whether her ex, Nick Cannon, will appear in the 8-hour docuseries, said she, “Nick? He’s cool about being on the show. He came around [during filming] but I don’t know what makes the final cut.

“Was that rude?”

Someone asked her about her time on “American Idol” (Her feud with Nicki Minaj — recall?).

“It was the most abusive experience,” she deadpanned. “By the way, you’ve just driven me to drink.” She took a sip from a Champagne glass.

And so on. Carey was here (of course) to promote her new series, but really promoted a side of herself that most fans never see. Which is the whole idea.

She admitted that the filming of her life was at first awkward and that “I was a little bit withholding,” she said. “You’re never sure who to trust and I just didn’t know exactly how things were going to be perceived. . . . So I was a little bit less free with my personality. We’re still in the process of filming and getting real moments. My goal is to make it something that can be a lasting piece of work for my fans and for my kids and eventually for myself.”

The series follows Carey during her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour,” and “I haven’t been on tour in Europe in at least ten years, so I figured, let’s just show the behind the scenes, what it takes to do a tour, what it takes for all these people to work together and become a family, and watch how the music evolves.”

Viewers, she said (or promised) are “going to see a lot of sides of me they may not have known were there. Jokestress? Sometimes that gets the best of me. I can be bossy, but try to be a nice person.

“It’s not scripted and it’s not about getting my nails done or pedicures all day.”

She was asked where she “would draw the lines” about what viewers would or would not see:

“We’re still drawing them.”

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