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Mark Labriola surprises as Victoria Beckham returns (why?!) to 'American Idol' in Denver

"American Idol" is in Denver, where Chris Daughtry auditioned four years ago -- and for some reason Victoria Beckham is the guest judge again, despite being a total failure in Boston.

Bug-eyed Mark Labriola up first in his funky shades, tells us he "loves cheese," and something about how his mom and him were on the run for years as a kid, since she took him from his dad. Simon's just messing with him, he gamely answers all the questions.

Wow, sings, "Tempted," a great vocal tone. "I was really surprised," says Victoria, who like me thought he was a waste of time when he first came in. Simon liked how he was really honest about his background and played along with the questions; everyone is blown away, and he gets through.

He walks off with his boy Ian, dedicates his golden ticket to him and his mom "who couldn't be here," as he starts crying. Man, I really like him now; a very decent, genuine guy. He's a total darkhorse to make the final.

Mario Galvan, who Victoria says "has really white teeth," doing "Jailhouse Rock." He bursts it out, it's just not that good.

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