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Martha Stewart to Hallmark...and "Idol?!"



  Nothing stays still in the land of media and for additional proof of this:  Martha Stewart, whose daytime syndicated show will head to Hallmark in September.

 This is not only a surprise but can be interpreted as a blow or victory for Martha. A blow because you really don't want to lose your foundation of stations...or (like Oprah) a win because Hallmark is one of the majors, and is probably a perfect fit with the show and
Stewart; plus Hallmark doesn't quite have a signature talk show, and this may fit the bill nicely.

  Some of our memories of Martha's daytime talk show are inextricably bound with her incarceration; she was released in March of 2005, set to work instantly, and launched this in September along with "The Apprentice,' which was a rare Martha disaster, indeilbly linked to a series of letters - released to the press, naturally - between her and the Trumpster, all of them barbed and highly entertaining. The syndie was launched out of a
spectacular new no-expenses-are-to-spared studio in Chelsea, back in a day when there actually were expenses that could be spared. Inconceivable that even Martha would get the same sort of send-off in our current parlous times.

  Meanwhile...this interestind "idol" tidbit; someone from OK Mag caught up with Martha recently, at some event over the weekend, and she declared (to said Mag) that she would be a spectacular judge on "Idol," or words to that effect.

 Will that happen? I suspect 19 Entertainment has already made its choice - the Tempestuous Tommy Mottola (and former husband of Mariah Carey...) Unless SiCo gets him for "X Factor." 


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