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Mary J Blige sings, Randy Jackson plays guitar on 'American Idol'

Mary J Blige sings "Stairway to Heaven" on "American Idol." Given the raw emotion of tonight's charity show, it would be nice if she'd ditched her shades so we could see her eyes.

Randy Jackson is backing her up on the guitar. Oh no, now he's gonna slip this brush with fame into his critiques for the next few weeks!

This is another musical performance that seems to have nothing to do with the tear-inducing segments on dying kids that came right before it.

Simon then talks about the Child's Health Fund. For all his idiot posturing on the show, he really does have a good heart. He's not always comfortable around Americans, I think. There are times when he seems very conscious of being foreign, the possibility of being slightly out of step, and Ryan likes to mess with that.

Simon says $15 million has come in tonight.


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