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Mary Powers and her daughter make Avril Lavigne's day on 'American Idol'

Mary Powers, whose daughter predicted she'd win and be on the "top fourteen or whatever" of "American Idol" -- and likes Simon's negativity. Sings "Love is a Battlefield," a really good, husky, distinctive voice, makes Avril Lavigne totally smile.

Simon finds her a bit cliched in her look but likes her voice, Avril likes her "raspy, punk rock" voice, Randy and Kara agree and she's through. Simon calls her "a little scrapper," and afterwards her daughter comes to shake Simon's hand, he's nice to her of course.

They dance out together, "we're going to Hollywood." I like her, she's got personality.

They show a clip of Adam Lambert aftewards, segue into clips of a bunch of Adamish contestants.

A.J. Mendoza, is up last, who claims he sent Adam a demo and he loved his voice, doing "Cult of Personality," he has some confidence and charisma, but his voice is unlistenable, grating and you can't understand his words.

Simon says "It sounded like you went to the dentist about 10 minutes ago," cracking up Avril, who totally laughs like a little girl and is really quite amusing. He's gone, telling the camera, "later guys, you suck."

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