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Matheus Fernandes and Gabe Brown team up for memorable 'American Idol' group song

Matheus Fernandes and Gabe Brown's group up first as "American Idol" Group Day starts. They're in perfect, church-like harmony on "Somebody To Love," it is no joke one of the best group round performances ever — creative, fun to listen to, totally on pitch.

"Great job guys," says Keith Urban, with Randy Jackson calling it "fantastic." And Nicki Minaj tells them, "you guys really gelled well." They all make it through easily.

Johnny Keyser's group is trying to do "Reach Out I'll Be There" -- but they're all having trouble remembering the lyrics. Kareem Clark is totally off key as well. Total train wreck.

Some of the group members say they've never heard the song before, prompting Urban to shoot back, "I'm from Australia and I've heard that song before." Clark gets cut, the other three somehow make it through; not sure how.

Charlie Askew, the one who said he's painfully awkward, is in a group with one of the favorites, Curtis Finch. Askew was feeling sick — Finch rallies behind him, while another teammate tells the camera he'll help him pack and go to the airport.

Askew recovers, and they go up to sing "The Lazy Song." Finch is fantastic, clear standout. Askew can sing too; but it's Finch's day, he gets all four judges up on their feet. They all get through.

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