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Matt Lauer's Bullock interview: What the...?!

In an interview with People magazine, Sandra Bullock

In an interview with People magazine, Sandra Bullock reveals she secretly adopted a child, Louis Bardo Bullock, and is divorcing husband Jesse James. (April 2010) Credit: People

  Final grade in on Matt Lauer's Sandra Bullock interview - a D -. Nothing asked about her recent travails. Nothing. There was the slightest insinuation - it wasn't even asked as a question by Matt - that her privacy had been thwarted by friends. But it's unclear whether this had to do with her recent adoption of a baby boy or Jesse James. It was all vague, and no doubt purposely so.

Matt even suggested he and she were old friends, and Sandra didn't seem to disagree. Did he absolutely need to ask about Jesse James in this cozy context (it was about her support of a New Orleans charter school.) Not necessarily - knowing she would say nothing, or that if the question was asked sloppily, it would be a major buzz kill. But there are still ways to ask, as Matt well knows.  (Ex.: "I know it's been a complicated year for you. Could you just generally talk about how you've dealt with this emotionally?" etc. etc.)

This whole thing was a waste of time. Below, her reference to "friends" who screwed her over...By the way, I have no idea what any of this means. I hope you do.

 "It takes-- it takes good people with integrity. I mean, I read something like, how did someone keep a secret, and it's-- you know-- human beings exist that have integrity that know how to keep their mouth shut. That know the bigger picture, that don't sell out their friends. Those people are all over the place. But again, we don't like to talk about it, because it doesn't sell a magazine. But I was blessed with the same friends I've had since before things got really special for me and blessed in life.

And when things get bad, they're still the same friends. And, you know, it-- everything passes. It all passes. But they just-- you know, they know if they screw up they're not coming on the next vacation. I'm not going to babysit their kids. I will cut them. I will take them down.


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