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Meet TV's first 'Snooki'

Yo, Ms. Polizzi. Don’t wanna spoil the party but you are not TV’s first “Snooki.”

Back in the day —  way, way back in the day —  one of the most popular performers on TV was a smooth crooner named Snooky Lanson. (OK, so the spelling isn’t precisely the same, but it’s prounounced the same, so that’s that.)

This Snooky was one of the stars of “Your Hit Parade,” a 1950s variety show in which a bunch of scrub-faced chuckleheads sang the hits of the day. (You know, pop shlock like “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window”).

The formula worked fine until rock and roll came along and the show’s producers made Snooky sing Elvis songs. That worked out as well as our contemporary Snooki’s vows to lay off the sauce.

This Snooky was actually a bit of a bad boy himself. According to reports he loved to shoot craps on the set while waiting to perform. Too bad he passed in 1990, missing out on his namesake’s antics by a couple of decades.

Here’s the original Snooks belting out a number.

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