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Melinda Ademi and Kree Harrison become stars, quirky Kez Ban cut on 'American Idol' Hollywood round

Shubha Vedula up as "American Idol" continues to make cuts during Hollywood Round. She's doing "When You Believe." A sparkly silver dress and a big voice.  Mariah Carey calls it a "nice moment."

Juliana Chahayed follows her, doing "Landslide" and showing off a unique tone. Kez Ban is next, doing an original song that feels influenced by Leonard Cohen. Judges not quite sure what to make of it; definitely different. "We appreciate your artistry," says Nicki Minaj.

Ah, and she's cut. Too bad. Ultimately too quirky for this show, she was fun to have around: creative and smart, the opposite of all the Southern blonde country drones that have proliferated of late.

Ashlee Feliciano brings a smile to Carey's face with "A Thousand Years," ending on a surprise falsetto.

Yonkers' Melinda Ademi rocks the stage with "Price Tag" and gets the other contestants up and dancing. With energy, good voice and serious charisma, she gets Minaj to stand and has just shot up the list of favorites. "Effortless, clear and energetic -- you have such a good light about you," says Keith Urban.

Kree Harrison does "Stars," dedicated to her parents, who have both died. Soars on the big notes. Urban is rubbing the goosebumps on his arm. "Your voice is one of my favorites," he says. "You have something amazing in your voice." Other judges pile praise on, with Minaj especially liking her "authenticity."

Wow, Ademi and Harrison. They're both going to be in the finals if they keep this up.

Performers are lined up as the judges deliberate. Harrison and Ademi move on, Feliciano gets cut. No word on Vedula or Chahayed. They both probably move on based on the judges' earlier universal praise.

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