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'Men at Work' is dirty talk, some action

A scene from the

A scene from the "Men at Work" pilot episode, premiering May 24, 2012 on TBS. Credit: TBS


WHEN | WHERE Thursday night at 10 on TBS

REASON TO WATCH Guys being guys, girls going "Ewww."

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Four single dudes hang together and talk about sex. Drool over sex. Have sex. Use the word "bang" too much.

Milo ("That '70s Show" stoner Danny Masterson, the one with the beard) has just broken up with his girlfriend, and he's broken up about it. Neal (East Meadow native Adam Busch, the one with the glasses) is flummoxed by his babe asking to hear dirty talk. Super-player Gibbs (James Lesure) operates unaware that sex with another guy's cleaning lady on the guy's couch is "inappropriate." And Tyler (Michael Cassidy, the other one) is, uh, the other one.

They seem to work for some lad mag, but despite the title, "work" is so not happening here. What is? See previous paragraph. The dudes hang in the break room, in the diner, in the bar, in the bathtub.

The tub scene gives "Men at Work" the chance to again punctuate a punch line with, um, how can we put this, an anatomical reference?

Perhaps it's some kind of progress that few such slang instances (of the show's many, many instances) refer to women's bodies, preferring instead to go all adolescent over male parts. But, of course, Facebook gets a name check, too. So we have naughty words. We have pop-culture touchstones. All we need to complete the cable trifecta are breast close-ups . . . and they come several minutes later. But this being basic cable, they're (mostly) clothed.

MY SAY If "Men at Work" is "Sex and the City" for guys, I wanna live in the country. TBS' entry only lacks the HBO show's craft in writing, characterizations, plot, production and wit. It's a gamy live-audience howler, with overt line readings and sledgehammer timing.

BOTTOM LINE Smells like a dirty sneaker.



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