Men of a Certain Age: Season 2

SERIES Finally, the uncensored last season of TNT's gone-too-soon adult drama -- Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula juggle life-(re)defining crises in relatably low-key fashion. Great DVD bonus features mirror this smart series' unyielding quality.

EXTRAS Making-of featurette (led by creators Romano and Mike Royce), commentary on all episodes, lengthy gag reel, hour of deleted scenes (entire series), plus printed episode guide.

LIST PRICE $40 for 12 episodes, out from Warner.

Also out

THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA Industrial/financial entrepreneurs -- Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt -- reshape the nation post-Civil War, as told through History's atmospheric docudrama with commentary (Alan Greenspan, Carly Fiorina, Steve Case, Mark Cuban), plus bonus unaired sequences; $30 DVD/$40 Blu-ray, out today from Lionsgate.

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MANKIND: THE STORY OF ALL OF US Civilization (not just Western) is retraced in hour History bites, with vivid re-creations and commentary (names like Brian Williams, experts like Stony Brook's John Shea), plus bonus unaired sequences; $30 DVD/$40 Blu-ray, New Video.

THE ABOLITIONISTS Current PBS docuseries on anti-slavery activism blends talking heads, dramatization ("Law & Order" original Richard Brooks as Frederick Douglass); $25, PBS.