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Mets and Yankees on 'Seinfeld': Looking back

From left, Jerry Seinfeld, Bernie Williams, Jason Alexander

From left, Jerry Seinfeld, Bernie Williams, Jason Alexander and Derek Jeter on "Seinfeld" in 1996. Credit: NBC

Opening Day is Monday for the Mets and Yankees, and in a scheduling rarity, both begin their seasons at home. What else do the two have in common? Well, besides Yogi Berra, Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, several of their players have appeared on "Seinfeld." Take these five former players:


1. KEITH HERNANDEZ -- In "The Boyfriend" (1992), the Mets' first baseman was Jerry's new man-buddy. But he also had a romantic interest in Elaine, who ditched him because he smoked.


2. ROGER McDOWELL -- In part two of "The Boyfriend," the Mets' relief pitcher was revealed (in a scene parodying Oliver Stone's "JFK") to have been the culprit who spit on Kramer and Newman outside Shea Stadium.


3. DANNY TARTABULL -- The Yankee outfielder appeared in two episodes. In "The Chaperone" (1994), George gives him pointers on improving his swing. Then, after seeing how sweaty Tartabull was in his polyester jersey, George gets the brilliant idea to have the Bombers wear cotton uniforms. In "The Pledge Drive" (1994), George drives Tartabull to a PBS fundraiser.


4. PAUL O'NEILL -- In "The Wink" (1995), the Yankees' rightfielder fails to deliver on Kramer's promise to a sick boy that he would hit two home runs. (O'Neill hits one homer, but his second shot, which seemed destined to be an inside-the-park four-bagger, was ruled a triple and an error by the official scorer.)


5. BERNIE WILLIAMS (and DEREK JETER) -- In "The Abstinence" (1996), George -- who has suddenly become a genius after swearing off sex because of his girlfriend's illness -- gives batting tips to Williams and Jeter.

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