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Michael "Big Mike" Lynche save a waste?

Missed "AI" last night? Don't worry, all your favorites will be back again next week.

Despite having the lowest votes this week, Michael "Big Mike" Lynche was saved from the chopping block. The newest addition to last year's "American Idol" season was the concept of "saving" a contestant, if the judges thinks they are wrongly voted off. They only get one save a season. Last year the judges saved Matt Giraud. This year the judges unanimously voted to use this year's save on Big Mike.

It must have been the way he belted out "This Woman's Work" on what could have been his last performance at the Kodak Theatre. Simon even commented to Mike that if he had sung like that the night before, they might not have had to even use the save.

This episode is proof that fans cannot slack on their voting, thinking their favorite is safe. Do you think the judges wasted the save on Big Mike? Or was this the perfect use of the concept?


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