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'Michael Jackson: The Final Days,' a documentary


CNN's report is a good, thorough and (most of all) fair overview.


Friday night at 8 on CNN.

THE SHOW "Michael Jackson: The Final Days"

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Eight days before leaving for London and the concert to end all concerts, Michael Jackson died from "acute Propofol intoxication" accelerated perhaps by several other drugs he had taken the night before. This Don Lemon-anchored special goes through the established facts, and there are numerous interviews, including one with Jermaine Jackson, who continues to harp on a conspiracy theory regarding Jackson's death: "They know who they are. We know who they are as well."

MY SAY CNN and Lemon got ahold of Joe Jackson's complaint against Michael's concert promoter, AEG, which accuses the company of hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to overmedicate his ward. Why? Hard to say, but for insurance, perhaps? In fact, "The Final Days" pretty much establishes something far from sinister, but mundane, and tragic: That Jackson, who suffered from crippling insomnia, demanded the Propofol the morning of his death, one year ago. CNN's report is a good, thorough and (most of all) fair overview.


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