Michael Lynche closes "American Idol" with "This Woman's Work," an interesting falsetto right off the top, classic in a shirt, tie and suit top, with jeans. He can sing pretty much anything, has the audience in the palm of his hand -- slow, controlled, passionate. Audience is yelping throughout, always a good sign. Great final drawn-out line and it gets the biggest audience reaction of the night.

Randy is like, "really?!" Then says "this is crazy, dope, unbelievable," lovvvvved the last note. Ellen says "oh my God, that was so beautiful," adds "you are the one to beat now." Wow, Kara is in tears, says "it's amazing, you were so amazing," relates it to he and his wife's new baby. Not sure when I've last seen her this emotional.

Simon says "this was so needed," calls it "best performances of all these live shows so far."

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