Michael Lynche is singing "Will You Be There" on "American Idol" -- ah, a brilliant song choice. I think this coudl be great.

Jamie Foxx nails it, "he feels a little bit like he shouldn't be there."  Smart move, gets him to dance, do some punching, to loosen him up. Nice mentoring.

Michael refuses to accept the "contestant" shirt from Foxx for not knowing the song yet, says he'll be back for "artist" after the performance.

Wow. He's in control from the get-go. He really feels the song, putting his all into it. Huuuuge voice, gets the phrasing totally right. Has the audience swaying, the judges bopping. No Jennifer Hudson, but nice. It's not a moment, but pretty good.

Randy didn't love it, wanted something more R&B. Ellen says you can't go wrong with a choir behind you; you always sound good, but a bit predictable. Kara says not great.Simon says "he has no idea what 'Free Willy' is," then when it's kind of explained says he can't connect the whale to Michael.

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"At least you gave it 100%," he says.

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