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Michael Lynche goes strong, Didi Benami steals our hearts on 'American Idol'

"American Idol's" auditon clip show is really bad so far. Giant Adrian Chandtchi, who loves to swim, is up next. He calls himself a "beautiful man-flower" for some unknown reason. He seems like a really nice guy but he can't sing.

He does "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You," one of my favorite songs. It's super-high-pitched, Randy is just cracking up. "There's like a small schoolboy trapped inside of you," cracks Kara -- "or you've eaten one," says Simon.

They recognize that he's really nice, but this just isn't his thing.

Personal trainer Michael Lynche is up next, is huge, too. He seems like a nice guy as well. Wow, a totally memorable "Unchained Melody," super-slowed down, emotive, a bit over-sung but it sticks in your mind.

"Kind of like a singing teddy bear," says Kara -- uh, yeah, a super-toned, non-flabby one. He's through easily, looking forward to seeing more.

Didi Benami, who's singing in memory of her best friend Rebecca, who died almost four years ago. It's a beautiful tribute, wow. She does "Hey, Jude," in a totally different way, like all drawn out, then a soul song. Hard to describe, but totally unique, with a really throaty tone, she breaks down crying.

Randy liked her "own sound jumping out," Simon gives her a "very small yes," (boo!) Avril Lavigne says exactly what I think, "you have absolutely huge potential," and Kara says yes, too.

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