"American Idol's" auditon clip show is really bad so far. Giant Adrian Chandtchi, who loves to swim, is up next. He calls himself a "beautiful man-flower" for some unknown reason. He seems like a really nice guy but he can't sing.

He does "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You," one of my favorite songs. It's super-high-pitched, Randy is just cracking up. "There's like a small schoolboy trapped inside of you," cracks Kara -- "or you've eaten one," says Simon.

They recognize that he's really nice, but this just isn't his thing.

Personal trainer Michael Lynche is up next, is huge, too. He seems like a nice guy as well. Wow, a totally memorable "Unchained Melody," super-slowed down, emotive, a bit over-sung but it sticks in your mind.

"Kind of like a singing teddy bear," says Kara -- uh, yeah, a super-toned, non-flabby one. He's through easily, looking forward to seeing more.

Didi Benami, who's singing in memory of her best friend Rebecca, who died almost four years ago. It's a beautiful tribute, wow. She does "Hey, Jude," in a totally different way, like all drawn out, then a soul song. Hard to describe, but totally unique, with a really throaty tone, she breaks down crying.

Randy liked her "own sound jumping out," Simon gives her a "very small yes," (boo!) Avril Lavigne says exactly what I think, "you have absolutely huge potential," and Kara says yes, too.

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