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Michael Lynche is 'fire' with 'Eleanor Rigby' on 'American Idol'

Michael Lynche is singing "Eleanor Rigby," which he sang as a kid, on "American Idol." He supposedly sings really loud the other contestants say, they all make fun of him busting through the door, with "heeeeeyyyyyy." Wow, as a kid he and his family were in a group, the "Lynche Mob." Uh, ok....

He's given this song an urgency, speeding up the tempo; a really good pick I think. You can feel the emotion in his voice. Showboating a bit, but it makes sense in the context of the song -- he's singing for people who can't.

Randy isn't sure it all worked, some too much parts, but you can do whatever you want, that could be on the radio. Ellen says you can sing anything, calls it a "huge risk" to change the song that much, but loved it. Kara thought "that was fire!" Calls the vocals amazing, loves the drama, and how he sold the story, made it relevant

Simon thought it had a bit too much of a musical feel, not contemporary, too over-the-top, and asks what kind of artist do you wanna be....

Randy adds, hey, in today's world with "Glee" and all, musical is contemporary.

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