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Michael Lynche is 'girly' for Simon but great for Shania Twain on 'American Idol'

Michael Lynche knocks the socks off Shania Twain with "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing," she says he just needs to connect, don't take the great voice for granted.

He's emoting, but I'm just not buying it. I don't know, maybe cause I don't love the song; or something about Big Mike's nasally tone, just not doing it for me.

Randy thinks he hit the zone, "great job." Ellen loved his emotion, Kara says Shania's so connected, and I always feel that from you, loved it too. They're all drinking the happy kool-aid, odd.

Simon thought the performance was "a little bit wet," like you were in a musical acting out the words. Explains "it was a little bit girly for you."

Shania puts in a plug for Big Mike at the end, says "you really got me," which is why she teared up.

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