Michael Lynche showed he's head and shoulders above all the other guys on "American Idol" Wednesday night with his "This Woman's Work" bringing the audience to its feet -- and Kara to rare tears.

He's in that magic spot right now where he's nailing it every time out. He's Crystal Bowersox on the guy's side -- knows exactly what kind of singer he is, has a great voice, and is just gliding on confidence. It's gonna be great to see them face off in the finals, they're soooo different in every other way.

After him was, as Simon said, a muddle of guys with guitars. I placed Lee Dewyze and Alex Lambert at the top of this tier, like I have all season long -- both were sincere, twangy and highly likeable.

But really, everyone's fighting for third place right now behind Michael and Crystal. Below is my rankings. Don't forget to add your comments, below.

1) Michael Lynche brought down the house and got Simon thanking him for saving the night with "This Woman's Work." He's justifying the producers' decision to focus so much so early on him and his wife and their newborn.

2) Lee Dewyze's "Fireflies" sounded like something you'd hear on the radio. He's past his confidence problems and has really made progress.

3) Alex Lambert's twangy "Trouble" was good, if not as memorable as Simon telling him to not worry about the cameras and just "picture Randy in a bikini."

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4) Todrick Hall's "Somebody to Love" was dramatic and, as Simon put it, "Broadway" -- but at least he was trying something interesting.

5) Tim Urban's acoustic guitar version of "Hallelujah" was fun to listen to, but couldn't compare with Jason Castro's version.

6) Andrew Garcia has kept trying to recapture his "Genie in a Bottle," so far to no avail. We know how good he can be, but only because of the magic of videotape.

7) Aaron Kelly goes country with "I'm Already There," but I'm with Kara. Not horrible, but not a song a 16-year-old is going to connect with.

8) Casey James' "You're My Better Half" was OK, no surprises. If you like him, you like him. If not, he's at the bottom.

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