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Michael Lynche picks up the judges and a berth in 'American Idol' top 24 semifinals

Michael Lynche up first, as 'American Idol' reveals its top 24 semifinalists in the Kodak theater this year, instead of the house they always use. Everyone's upstairs in the holding room; they'll come into the theater, walk all the way onto stage, and sit, like they're on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

His wife's the one who had the baby. He'll make it; Kara says "you have conviction." He looks pretty comfortable up on stage, tells Simon he's felt good up on stage, "waiting game is what freaks me out."

Simon says our problem was "whether you believed you could actually do this, we have to have people in the finals who believe they can win." Simon messes with him a bit, he doesn't take the bait, tells him, "this is a very good day, you're through, it was unanimous."

Huge smile and celebration, picks up Ellen in a bear hug, then Kara, it's awesome, Simon tells him to squeeze Ryan. "It's good, it's where I'm supposed to be," he does a little jig outside for the group, then shouts out to his wife, and new baby.

Why did 'Idol' reveal its semifinalists a day early this year? My guess is it has something to do with the Olympics, there was probably some sport they didn't wanna go up against for two hours Wednesday night.

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