It was mostly a jean pool for the guys Wednesday night on "American Idol," with the fellows donning a variety of rocker denim washes.

Michael Lynche, aka "Big Mike," whose soulful song brought Kara DioGuardi to tears, dressed it up with a black jacket, vest, tie and red pocket square, and Alex Lambert did his thing in a sports jacket, white shirt and tie.

The judges felt he was stiff and, speaking of fashion faux pas, suggested he imagine Randy Jackson in a bikini to loosen up. Yikes.

Speaking of Randy: While he wasn’t crazy about Andrew Garcia’s riff on Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle,” he pointedly loved his varsity cardigan – much like his own – and Garcia said that Randy was his inspiration for the look.

Casey James underscored his country roots with an embroidered western shirt, and Todrick Hall broke out of the de rigueur rumpled shirt and jeans with a Michael Jacksonesque bomber jacket, white pants and combat boots.

On the women's side Tuesday night, once again Crystal Bowersox wasn’t fashion forward in her black tunic accessorized with big wooden hoop earrings, and once again it didn’t matter. The judges loved her take on Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason.” She’s all talent, but not so much fashion.

Quirky Siohban Magnus, consistently eclectic, wore a tiered red dress topped by a black jacket inset with a pink pattern and two flowers in her hair. She looked really pretty, and you can see she is evolving on the fashion front.

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Katelyn Epperly wore her curls lioness style, a burgundy schoolgirl-style jumper, tights, boots and a big dove necklace. Simon liked the hair but not the song.

Boy, oh, boy, the camera loves Lacey Brown’s face. She set it off well in an embellished animal-print sweater, and did you happen to notice the groovy green nail polish?

Didi Benami worked a belted one-shoulder coral dress – she looked and sounded pretty good. Paige Miles wore a cropped black and silver jacket embroidered with bows, a miniskirt and headband in her hair. Neither her performance nor her look was great. And little Katie Stevens looked a bit older in her printed pants and tailored jacket.

Judges matched on boys’ night -- was there a memo about everybody wearing shades of brown? Ellen DeGeneres looked her best yet (we hated the striped tie-checked shirt ensemble from the night before -- so stylized) in a striped sweater over a T-shirt topped by a jacket. Kara, too, looked stunning in a sequin-dappled dress -- better than the jeweled red halter from the night before.

She and Simon wore the exact same shades and they seemed to get a little cozy with each other, no?

Fox photo of Siohban Magnus