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Michael Perotto and Ashley Sullivan bring the crazy on 'American Idol'

A nervous Michael Perotto loudly belts out "Proud Mary," he's got the judges mockingly tapping in tune, Jennifer Lopez says "make it stop" and then Steven Tyler asks "Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child."

For some reason they let him sing another song, just as loud, just as bad.

Then they actually give him a real critique, Lopez wants to know why he's imitating a women's voice when he sings. Crazily he says, "I've been singing for years, I think people would tell me if I sucked."

I think they just did.

Ashley Sullivan, who says maybe she'll be "the first awkward Idol... Britney Spears is my goddess, let alone my Idol." She seems she might be a bit crazy, totally frenetic. Singing "Gimme, Gimme" from "Throughly Modern Milly."

Shouts it more like, a bit scary. Not horrible if you're on stage, but totally nutty in this context. Lopez says go for "Broadway, that's where you belong." 

She's in tears and begging for a chance to go through to Hollywood. Is totally wrong for the show, but can kindof sing. Lopez wants to give in, Tyler too, after a lot of drama Randy gives up and agrees. 

"You won't find many people like that," says Tyler, pledging to personally work her into "something good."

That could be its own show.


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