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Michael Phelps' NBC special on Sunday at 7 p.m.

Michael Phelps, who won his career 18th Olympic gold medal tonight, will get an NBC special tomorrow night. The network announced a 7  p.m. special a short while ago. The details: 

On the night of his final Olympic event, a night full of emotion and achievement, Phelps sat with [Bob] Costas shortly after leaving the pool. Phelps and Costas discuss the tapestry of Phelps’ career, including; the first time on an international stage in Sydney; the trials and tribulations with coach and mentor Bob Bowman; his world famous 200-meter Butterfly race in Beijing, where his goggles filled with water during the race; the training regimen that helped him win so many medals; how his rivalries fueled his passion and desire to win; the influence of watching Michael Jordan’s dominance and how it shaped his career as one of America’s greatest athletes ever; and Phelps’ future outside of the pool.

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