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Michelle Delamor, Charity Vance and Ashley Rodriguez keep the faith on 'American Idol'

Final preparations for 'American Idol' groups before the performances, and people are forgetting lyrics, which we know is the one thing you need to do to survive this round.

Mary Powers is going off on a group member, Michael Lynche's wife is getting closer to giving birth. 'Destiny's Wild' is still the center of attention for their powerful rehearsals, Mary's jealous of them and she's in tears.

'Team Awesome' is waiting for Mike, whose wife has just about to give birth.... They got cameras in her hospital room, he's talking her through it. Nice guy, good group around him too. And -- baby's born, he breaks down, then walks back and is all smiles.

'Faith' first, Michelle Delamor, Charity Vance and Ashley Rodriguez, they're total pros -- in harmony, well-choreographed, good start to the day. And they're all through.

I liked Charity and her 'small voice' from auditions, she's the one whose folks own a hair salon in her home. Glad she got into a good group, no drama, just talent.

Michael's group next, Seth Rollins, Tim Urban (yeah!), Michael Castro. They were more ragged. Michael and Tim make it through. Seth's the one whose son has autism.

Who made it through? After the break!

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