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Michelle Delamor gets 80% of Simon's approval on 'American Idol'

Michelle Delamor says she works with the kids choir at church, who are "real and raw" when they sing, which she tries to apply to "American Idol."

She's singing "With Arms Wide Open," in black top and half gloves, with a short white dress and jeans underneath. It's mesmerizing from the get-go, slowed-down and deliberate, nice breathy tone but there's power under it. She's really performing this . . .  just grabbing us. Best performance so far for me, on what's been a pretty brutal night so far.

Randy says there's a few pitch problems, he loves the outfit, but didn't feel like she did enough with the song. Ellen thought she did do a lot with the song, liked her voice and look, and that  the song "almost worked, but not quite." 

Kara says it's her favorite performance of hers ever, "felt believable for once," liked her attitude and that she was trying. Simon with Kara, to big applause, liked that she took a risk, tells her it was "80% of the way" there.

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