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Michelle Obama to make late-night debut as first lady

First lady Michelle Obama, seen in 2011, is

First lady Michelle Obama, seen in 2011, is still standing tall, despite nearly eight years of enduring the kind of crudities that the wives of some of the current presidential candidates are starting to get a taste of now. Credit: Getty Images

Michelle Obama will finally get her late night close-up as first lady: She'll be on "The Tonight Show" next Tuesday.

It's a first for the first lady, who apparently likes to go to bed early. Although she did appear on the late shows during the campaign four-plus years agom she has never been on a late night TV show as first lady.

Her last stop here was Oct. 27, 2008. 'Course there could be no political motivation for this appearance, could there be?  Per NBC:

The first lady is expected to talk about her “Let’s Move” campaign, what life is like for her and her family in the White House and her upcoming book about the White House kitchen's garden.

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