Back for the second half with a pretty funny fake American history lesson, with Simon cast as the evil Brits. He's apparently still sore about the whole independence thing.

Singing waitress Lisa Olivero up first, who wants to have people start waiting on her.Hmm, that's not a good sign. "Vision of Love," big voice that makes Simon sit up. Very commercial, but I don't like her at all, she's totally off-key, is one of these contestants who seem like they could be good, but aren't. Simon says until she started singing he thought maybe she would be great.

Bunch of bad contestants who have communications issues, for some reason Simon is asking everyone why they tried out. Man, I really miss Paula, the other judges just sit there and let him do whatever.

'Godzilla' boat driver Mike Davis, he seems like a prototypical Bostonian, salt of the earth type. "Yesterday," totally unexpected velvet tone. I like him, a lot; singing is obviously important to him. Maybe not the best pure voice, but just a likeable guy. "You're a great guy, I'd like to hang out with him" says Kara, calls it touching. He wants to go get steak with her, but she just talks over it.

Randy says no, doesn't think his voice is that good. But he gets the ticket anyway, a ton of people out there to support him, really decent guy, big smile. Says he's "pretty sure" he got a date with Kara too. Ha!

Should Kara go out on a date with Mike Davis? Does Simon have too much freedom this year? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post to tell us

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