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Mike Rowe at CNN: Will he be the network's Bill O'Reilly

Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" fame joins CNN this summer as part of a new original programs series that'll rotate at 9 p.m. (others hosted by Lisa Ling and Mike Walsh...) But here's the question: Will Rowe, who is clearly first among equals in this new lineup, be the struggling network's own Bill O'Reilly? 

 Rowe's series won't be live and it won't be nightly, at least initially. But CNN is clearly betting the ranch on a personality who already has a considerable following and doesn't seem to fall on either the left or right side of the political spectrum; as evidence,  he's been interviewed by the likes of Glenn Beck and Bill Maher - and you can't get any further apart that those two...He has been a supporter of 

 He's beaten a path on the "common sense" line -  a line to the disaffected. those out of work, those in work. And he's been quite effective at it. Now he's got CNN behind him. Check out some interviews, and by all means, go to his website. If you don't know who he is, a good place to start....

And of course, he's already got his own Youtube channel...


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