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Miley Cyrus at Sunday's VMAs (duh)

Miley Cyrus, touring on her "Bangerz" album, performs

Miley Cyrus, touring on her "Bangerz" album, performs at Nassau Coliseum, Aug. 1, 2014. Credit: Chad Batka

Get your twerk tweets tweaked, sports fans: Miley Cyrus will be at this Sunday's Video Music Awards ... MTV, which officially announced a little while ago (after first teasing the news to a few online columnists last night) said she would "attend" which of course is one of those loaded words that could mean anything. But for the fun of it, let's do assume that she will take the stage, maybe with Robin Thicke, and reprise the most famous/infamous VMA moment since Gaga offended meat lovers (or vegans) the world over with a meat dress, or Britney offended snake lovers the world over with a snake one.

Whatever ... but as you know, genteel society this time last year was scandalized when Cyrus did a standing lap dance with Thicke as part of a routine, the name of which would subsequently become part of the language and added to the Oxford English Dictionary, etc.  

Outstanding questions: Will she bring her pet pig? Will Taylor Swift become part of whatever everyone will be talking about Monday morning? 

Of course, there was no chance MC would not attend this Sunday, making this news a little like telling you the sun rose this morning. It's however one little reason, no doubt, why NBC decided to shift the Emmys to Monday because so many viewers were anticipating something at the VMAs, as they always do. To that point, they are rarely disappointed. 

Grossed out, sure. But not disappointed. 

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