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Miley Cyrus: The reviews are not good



  Poor Miley Cyrus - gets on "American Idol" to mentor some contestants (a handful of whom can really not sing), deal with Kara, run the gauntlet of truly annoying "Idol" fans who stuff the theater every week, and (back to mentoring) offer some advice that she and everyone else knows the mentoree will never take and has no intention of taking...

  ...and then get panned for her big performance last night.

 The twitter stream was unkind, and the morning after kibitzers seem less than enthusiastic too. 

 Gawker: Last night's American Idol contained some of the worst performances in the show's history. And with "mentors" like Miley Cyrus—who just butchered her performance of "When I Look At You"—it's not hard to see why.

  Seems only quasi-screechy to me, but I'm grateful (or am I?) Simon didn't a chance to offer some choice observations...





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