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Mitch Miller dies at 99

An early '60s icon is gone. Mitch Miller has died, age 99. "Sing Along With Mitch" lasted but three seasons on NBC, yet it was one of those shows -- now impossibly dated and hokey -- that just seemed to define American TV for a short time as much as "Perry Mason" or "Dallas" or even "American Idol" did in their respective eras. It was the funkiest of shows -- with exhortations by Mitch to sing along to songs, while the words bounced along the bottom of the screen. Doubtless millions upon millions of voices croaked out those words from sea to shining sea while Mitch waved his baton. Obits today will cite the fact that Miller was a record exec who signed plenty 'o big names at Columbia but shunned rock 'n' roll. Check out this clip ... a hoot ...


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