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Oh, fudge: 'Modern Family's' Little Bo Bleep was funny

Too many people watched "American Idol" last night which means too many people missed one of the funniest half-hours ("Modern Family;" what else?) of television all year -- and since the year is only a few weeks old, let's just go ahead and throw in all of 2011 too. "Little Bo Bleep" -- in which little Lily uses a particular word at inopportune moments, most notably at a wedding -- for some reason got a bit of notoriety over the last few weeks. A little girl using a word like that -- even  if it's been bleeped?! Oh what is TV coming to??!!

If it's coming to this, then TV's in a good place. "Little Bo Bleep" was a brilliant episode; nothing remotely offensive about it, and the message was pretty clear: Watch what you say around toddlers, and certainly don't laugh if they say something they shouldn't have said.

Nevertheless, the PTC did complain, lots of TV bloggers wrote about this, and suddenly "Modern Family" Was Controversial.

I suspect (imagine why I would) that this episode was looking for the fuss given the return of "Idol" last night. Very smart.   

A quick clip of Claire's practice debate -- another brilliant stretch.


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