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Monday, TV Monday...

the gang

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  Until Feb sweeps starts Thursday, we  must content ourselves with a lackluster TV week. There's not a whole heck of a lot on the next day or so, but ...TV just keeps on rollin'...

  Some stuff to keep an eye on...

  "One Tree Hill", WPIX, 8

  The much promo'd John Hughes tribute tonight. Not much  to say about it just yet, but trains, planes, automobiles, getting left home alone, and sixteen candles somehow figure into the plot. Most extraordinary: Cheap Trick actually has a cameo, of sorts. The ol' gang plays an ol' favorite.Now, who can guess what that is? Come on...Go to the end of this post for the vid answer...

How I met Your Mother," CBS, 8:

 Hey, ballplayers know how to score but do they know how to act? Nick Swisher - Yanks; right field; but you knew that - stars in "HIMYM" tonight as a ballplayer (duh) who nearly busts up Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) seven-women-in-seven-days dream come true marathon just by being...himself. Do major leaguers have it easier than other guys? He told ESPN: "We're normal, man. The only difference between us and everybody else is we work at Yankee Stadium." Yup. Noted. Jim Nantz is supposed to show up tonight too. No word on his prowess.

 "House," WNYW/5, 8

 Did you know Doc Foreman (Omar Epps) had a brother? Me neither. Or: That in his earlier, pre-Housian days, he was a gang member? Me neither, also. Tonight, Housiacs should get a glimpse of both, when bro Marcus - Orlando Jones, whom you may remember from last year's "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" - turns up after a lengthy prison sojourn. House, hardly a humanitarian, gives him a job at the hospital. It does not work out particularly well. Evidence? This will be Marky Marcus' first - and last - appearance at Princeton-Plainsboro .

 "The Michael Vick Project," BET, Tuesday 10.

 Michael Vick once abused dogs, went to jail, got out and...launched a TV show! (And played for the 2009 luckless Eagles, but that's another story, and wasn't his fault anyway...) Tuesday, said show arrive. Says MV, "I am not doing this documentary to show people that I’m back and unchanged by the experiences of the last few years. “I’m allowing the cameras to see the truth – the good, the bad and the ugly results of my decisions – with the sincere hope that it will positively affect others’ lives and prevent someone out there from making the same mistakes I did.” This doc looks at his glitzy (or not so-glitzy, if the subject is dog-fightin') days pre jail, and those after, as he rides the road to redemption.

  "CSI:Miami," Monday, 10.

 Anthony Michael Hall, whom you probably remember from "Dead Zone" and who you definitely remember from...come on! You can do it! (Hint: Had something to do with a vacation and Chevy Chase and...) Anyway, he's a killer now. A cold-blooded one, by the way. In tonight's "CSI" he plays a "charming" ER doc who has been convicted for his various crimes, and - lemme guess - Horatio Caine takes the swagger out his step, the stuffing out of his degenerate soul, that evil grin off that evil face...And by the way, check out Wednesday's "CSI: New York." Vampires in Central Park!




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