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Montauk gets a closeup on Esquire Network series

"Montauk Lighthouse, V.G. -- The Spirit of Long

"Montauk Lighthouse, V.G. -- The Spirit of Long Island, New York," a 2004 painting by Elaine Faith Thompson. Credit: Randee Daddona

Yes, yes, I know: Thanksgiving is Thursday — and Happy Thanksgiving to all — and most thoughts right now are probably not on what you are going to watch on TV Wednesday night. But just in case: There is one series on the Esquire Network — formerly the Style Network — with a nice Long Island hook. This newcomer, "Alternate Routes" -- which premiered Nov. 20 — returns Wednesday night at 10:30 with a fun off-season look at Montauk. It's hosted by Brooklyn native and professional photographer Matt Hranek, who takes a lighthearted look into the soul of this beautiful place (and, not surprisingly, finds some of that soul resides in some favorite watering holes, like the Dock in Montauk Harbor).

Spoke with Hranek briefly a week ago, and he had this to say: "I love the Island, love Montauk. It was a big part of my early adult life. I grew up fly-fishing, [and] my experience with Montauk was always in the fall season. In the summer, I rented a little house where I went fly-fishing. And then one summer ... my girlfriend [now] wife rented this great house in Bellport. I really fell in love with the beaches of Long Island [and] Montauk was always a destination to fish." But with Wednesday night's hour, he says, "I was hoping to translate that off-season feel, when it's not inundated, the essence of the backbone of the place. The commercial fishing industry — the people that are there all year round."

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