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More "rage" against Simon Cowell?

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  Hey gang. It's Christmas week, not much going on in TV at the moment. 

  We all need a short diversion.

  Here's mine - just before 10 on Tuesday:

  Other good Simon Cowell protest songs!

  As you know, a pair of British laddies have staged a protest against SiCo in the U.K, by dusting off an old classic protest song by Rage Against the Machine.

  They  got over half a million downloads, beating the songster that Simon wanted everyone to buy instead - the winner of  "X Factor," Joe  McElderry.

  In any event, who are these lads gonna dust off next year? Who are WE GONNA DUST off to beat the winner of America's "X Factor," when it arrives on these shores next fall?

 Let's get started now. Since the theme seems to be old classics, let's go back to the '80s for some candidates. I've cadged some snippets from concerts, and hopefully have broken no copyright laws here.

  If I have, this post will disappear the next time you come back. (I wonder if RATM has a song protesting copyright infringement.)

  And away we go!






  "Channel Z," the B 52s



"Another Brick in the wall"




 "Working for the Clampdown," the Clash




"Money Changes Everything," Lauper




 And my favorite!! "Don't believe the Hype." Take it away Flav and Chuck D...





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