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The most unforgettable Super Bowl ads of all time? Here's a handy chart as your guide

An extra football crosses in front of Denver

An extra football crosses in front of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning as he throws another during practice. (Jan. 24, 2014) Credit: AP

What have been the most popular — that is to say, the best — Super Bowl ads over the years — over 47 years? Good question! And rather than go year to year, go to this chart, produced by King of Prussia, Pa.-based digital and interactive marketing firm, Cadient Group. A few words about what you will see: First off, the bigger the box means the larger the audience for that particular year, relative to other Super Bowls. Second, Cadient has made some "editorial" decisions about "most popular" commercial, which is what everyone else does as well, including USA Today, which has a long-standing tradition of gauging most popular ads. My cursory glance here, however, tells me that Cadient got these right. And once again, maybe the only somewhat-objective way to gauge a Super Bowl ad's effectiveness is to gauge how memorable a particular ad was. (If you remember something from 25 years ago, then — ipso facto — it is memorable and — also ipso facto — effective. My thanks to Cadient for this.


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