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Move "Lost" for "SOU?" Seriously?




  This is the big story of the day. And I almost find it impossible to shed a cloak of objectivity or even sanity when reporting it - or blogging it.

  But the president of these United States may deliver the State of the Union on Feb. 2, thus pushing back the premiere of "Lost" one full week.

  Imagine that.

  Let me think - "State of the Union" or "Lost?"

  "Lost" or "State of the Union?"

  Which would I rather see?

  What a ridiculous question.

  Dangers for the prez are obvious. Millions tune in to see exactly what happened to that nuke that fell down the shaft and blew the island and poor beloved Elizabeth Mitchell from here to infinity and beyond and instead...see a speech.

  ....Millions tune in to see the Hurl's  new commercial for Mr. Clucks...and instead see bloviating senators etc. standing applauding sitting standing applauding sitting standing applauding ad infinitum for two plus hours. 

  President loses millions of votes in the next election. Forget the midterms. The Dems are toast if "Lost" is bumped.

 Here, by the way, is the new Mr. Cluck's" commerical, so don't worry (Mr. Clucks - where Hurley worked, got fired from, and which was later vaporized by a meteorite. Ahhh, Lost." ) Thanks to Dark UFO for this...




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