Toon time travelers Mr. Peabody and Sherman visited pretty much every era of the past as part of 1960s cult fave "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show." Now they're ready to embrace the future.

The bookwormish beagle and his boy ward are firing up their WABAC machine once again on DreamWorks Animation's "The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show," a talk-variety series that premiered Oct. 9 on Netflix. The show, which is set in the hosts' New York City penthouse, will feature a range of segments from cooking with cave men to waxing poetic with Edgar Allan Poe to a musical performance by Ra Ra Riot.

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"Saturday Night Live" comic Chris Parnell provides the voice of Mr. Peabody and Max Charles, who voiced Sherman in the duo's 2014 feature film, reprises the role.

In the sneak peek made available by Netflix, Peabody and Sherman interview clean-shaven guest Blackbeard the Pirate about the disappearance of his beard. (Turns out it was stolen by the infamous pirate Bumblebeard.) Any excuse to spotlight a musical number featuring scurvy pirates.