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MSNBC gives Ted Williams a gig; et tu, CBS?

  Ted Williams - he with the golden pipes who has become a viral sensation and an "Early Show" bonanza - will do voiceover work for MSNBC, the network announced this afternoon.

  Not certain how substantial a gig this will be - he'll do voiceovers for its "Lean Forward" campaign - but who knows: If Brian Williams needs a night off, Ted - his long lost relative - could step in.

  I'm kidding (I do hope you realize): Bri and Ted are not cousins. (Ted Williams is not even related to Ted Williams.) But they both have good voices. Ted'll be on "The Last Word" tonight to talk about all this; that's in a couple hours.

  Now, I ask you: Why not "The Early Show?" I've been thinking about this all day. He could - or could have done - voiceovers for them, maybe even an occassional weather report. Maybe even all the weather reports. Sports too. 

  Instead, scooped!

  I gotta think they're feeling skunked over at "The Early" - because they kinda discovered the guy. Actually, a reporter in Ohio did, and then "The Today Show" got in on the act.

  But it's not too late: Make the call, Mr. Friedman...


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