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MTV: 8.4 million for 'Jersey Shore'

Deena Nicole Cortese and Nicole

Deena Nicole Cortese and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi were two of the housemates in MTV's "Jersey Shore." Credit: MTV

Almost exactly the same number of people that live in New Jersey watched "Jersey Shore" last night: 8.4 million.

(For the record, 8.7 million live in the Garden State, per the 2009 census, but with high taxes, state budget problems, etc. it's probably down to 8.4 million now...)

But think about that figure a minute: 8.4 million. Nothing and I do mean nothing, series-wise, has ever been seen in one fell swoop on MTV in 30 years by 8.4 million people; sure, we've had a few 5 million high-water marks, and VMA's get bigger numbers, and that big 6.1 million 2nd season finale, and maybe the time Beavis did something highly promotable to Butthead. But this? This is insane...

Crazy Eddie insane.

Honestly, I'm breathless with the absurdity of it all. My hunch was that last season - a great one numbers-wise - was the high water mark, and that by bringing in Snooki # 2, Deena, the show was playing straight to the fan base now. In fact, it is: But who knew there was more of a fan base out there? 

The next headlines you will be reading: All of the cast members are negotiating for new deals, around $100 K per episode; or Vinnie G will be writing a movie script (spec'ed by Mark Wahlberg); or that Snooki has trademarked Snooki...

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