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MTV: Apology for Movie Awards



 Rare is the network that apologizes for anything - even after assaulting the culture with effluvient of occassionally really stupid shows - but MTV apparently felt pressured to after the Lennie Bruce-inspired MTV Movie Awards. Someone somewhere actually counted that the f bomb was dropped over 100 times, which averaged out to one every minute and a half or so.

  Apparently a few made it past the official MTV beeper who was pressing his beep button so many times that he began to exhibit signs of repetitive stress injury and had to leave the beep booth for treatment.

  Apparently, host Aziz Ansari looked up to see the beep boy had left the beep booth and starting dropping even more f-bombs.

  Betty White was the only one who didn't f-bomb, reason being - probably - that she didn't know it was allowed, and in fact encouraged.

  All this is leading up to why I think MTV's just issued apology is bollocks.

“The MTV Movie Awards is a live televised event known for
irreverent comedy and a party atmosphere where our guests
speak more freely than they otherwise might. "While we aired the live broadcast with a
delay, we were unable to mute every word that some might
find objectionable.  All of these words will be muted in
subsequent airings. We sincerely apologize to those in our
audience who were offended by any objectionable words that
might have slipped by for the live airing.”

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