OK, OK, I know you want to see that damn kiss again. I don't know why. Every one kisses everyone at the MTV Movie Awards.

  But why didn't Sandra Bullock french Betty White?

  Oh, sure, it's cool to french Scarlett Johansson. Anybody could do that. Big whooping deal.

 But plant a big fat juicy one on the lips of the lovely Betty White? That would have been the image of the decade. Jesse James would have looked on in awe. The world would have stopped. The gulf oil would have even stopped. 

  But oh no - Johansson.

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  What a yawn.

  But I know you want to see it. In fact, I want to see it.

  (Did I tell you already about my cable going out because a tornado - a providential one considering how bad the Movie Awards were - ripped out my cable and sent it heavenwards?)

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