Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

MTV Movie Awards: Tom Cruise, JLo



 Totally forgot about this this morning, and sorry about that: One of the real  highlights from last night.

  (Did I tell you about the hurricane that took out my cable? I did...? OK...)

  Anyhoo, there's this bigtime producer, Les Grossman - same guy from "Tropic Thunder" - who also turned up last night.

  Some people insist that this was Tom Cruise.

  (But I'm reasonably certain a TMZ story will come out any minute that says this was a stand-in.)

  That is the real J Lo.

   Actually, it is the real Tom - and not bad moves for an old guy...And they look vaguely familiar. Indeed, has Tom danced before. Let's take a look.

  Plus: That jump from the trampoline? Yes! It looks especially familiar simply because Tom has had practice...To the clips!

  Here are two other famous instances where Tom displays his acrobatic chops...





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