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Good Morning

MTV's 'Inbetweeners' arrives Aug. 20

MTV's version of “The Inbetweeners” rolls out Aug. 20 and all I can say is: Here we go again! Like “Skins,” this is based on a Britcom that had some -- well -- stuff that went on that if transposed to the MTV version will awaken the Parents Television Council from its summer nap.

Will it? Who knows, but I very much doubt this reboot -- which already has a bit o' buzz -- will cause the same stir as “Skins,” which was almost directly lifted from the Brit version. Brad Copeland, who's written for “Grounded for Life," "NewsRadio” and “Arrested Development,” is adapting this for American TV, so expect a very different version. (Show's about teen boys who aren't cool or aren't jocks but just kind of “inbetween.")  A trailer's been out a while, but MTV claims this one is fresh:

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