It's not often I get around to "Teen Wolf" -- Jeff Davis's reconfiguration of the old teen were-movie with Michael J. Fox -- -- so let's correct that omission, right here and right now with this: The first six minutes of Monday's fifth season premiere...(Monday, MTV, 10).

  For  MTV, this is a particularly important opener -- a two-parter that concludes tomorrow night, as the launching pad for "Scream," the TV series. 

  By the way, I was an early fan of "Teen Wolf,." and largely think the series has held up well over five seasons, although the initial promise seemed a bit different at the time back in 2011 (in particular, the highly stylized and SFX-rich pilot seemed to indicate that this would become slightly more humorous in tone...didn't quite turn out that way).

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 Yes, have seen tonight's fifth season opener and fans should be pleased: There's a newcomer to Beacon Hills, make that two of them... most notably, Theo (Cody Christian).  Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his "beta" wingman, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) face a new and particularly malevolent threat; Lydia (Hollande Roden) has as you can see her own challenges; Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) has -- I believe -- been named a series regular; and star  Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) is moving on (I believe) after this season too.

 Yes, "Teen Wolf" has become  huge success for MTV -- indeed,  one of its most successful scripted series in history, and beneficiary of another "super-size" season pickup (the 5th will be comprised of twenty episodes).